Evening well Spent

After my little quandry regarding a new Squier strat project and prioritizing my guitar activities I spent the evening playing the guitar. That’s right. Nothing but playing the guitar.

My wife went out with friends, so after the kids were in bed, I sat down at my computer with youtube and a couple of songs I’ve learned, but never really put together. I didn’t plug in (although now I wish I had), so I just kept one earphone off and one on so I could hear the song and my playing. I swapped between my Warmoth guitar and my Wolverine guitar. My Warmoth guitar was perfect for I Love Rock N Roll by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. While my Wolverine guitar was perfect for Message in a Bottle by the Police.

I also tried different guitar straps. That really depended on the song and what angle I wanted my wrist at for playing.  The shortest strap was great for Message in a Bottle.


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