Amanda Palmer

My wife was one of bunches of people that supported Amanda Palmer’s kickstarter campaign to fund the release of her new album. I won’t go into how great I think the whole kickstarter thing is, but I am a fan of the process. Don’t get me wrong. Nothing is perfect. But it is pretty exciting to see the success stories.

Anyway, Amanda Palmer just sent out a limited release of her new “Want It Back” video. While NSFW, it is a fun video and the song is so catchy I literally grabbed my guitar after listening to it one time so I could learn the chord progression.

This is not something I usually do. My usual modus operandi is to find the tab, listen to the song a lot, and then try to piece together the parts that make sense…which usually means I don’t learn the whole song and don’t learn to play the parts I know very well. But I have fun.

This time I just tried to do it by ear. It isn’t a very complicated song, but it still took me quite a few listens while I played different notes. I finally got the F, C, D, and B chords to sync up and it sounds like that is all there is to it (although I’m sure there is one more chord that is occasionally used, but not always used that I couldn’t place).

While this isn’t the new video, here is the song. Enjoy!


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