Hand me down amp

My father is downsizing and that includes passing on his old Crate G-20C guitar amp.

As far as I can tell it has two 10 watt channels, one for each of the two 6.5 inch speakers, so it is 20 watts of solid state glory when you play it.  It also has spring reverb tank bolted to the inside bottom (see the brass looking box in the bottom), as well as left and right lines out. Oh, and a headphone out.

It also has an “SCG Channel” with a footswitch. I think that is a distortion channel.  However, the clean channel has been compared to a mini Roland JC120, but I still have to explore that idea.

Right now the amp sounds ok.  The pots are scratchy and the reverb seems to cut out. The volume goes from very soft to very loud with a small turn. I haven’t explored it very much, but I will.  And if anyone out there is familiar with this amp, let me know.

I am looking forward to cleaning it up and using it as a practice amp!


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