GAS opportunities

A local pawn shop has a black and chrome Squier strat for a really decent price at $120 (they go new for $230). I’ve seen them for as low as $180 new too, but that’s online and I don’t know how trustworthy the seller is.

My first reaction was to get it. Good price. Cool looking guitar. I like the chrome knobs, the black oversized headstock, and the two point trem bridge. But I didn’t get it. I didn’t even get it to take home, fix up, and resell. I even think I could make a profit off it.

But my main reason for wanting to buy it and resell it is to fund my other projects. Perhaps I should just focus on the projects in front of me before I start others. I could even get a chrome pick guard for much less than this guitar. Why not just turn my existing Squier strat into one of these.  Perhaps I could even put in two mini-humbuckers (a goal of mine), which would require a new pick gaurd anyway.

So, I ask you, what would you do in my place?  Buy the guitar, fix it up, use it, and resell it? Not buy it?  Use it for something else? Let me know. I’m very curious. I’ve only sold two guitars in my life. I don’t sell gear to get new gear…which explains why I don’t get a lot of new gear. Perhaps I should. What do you do?


5 thoughts on “GAS opportunities

  1. Personally I’d have left it on the rack. I’ve tried buying guitars to flip but I have a very poor record of actually getting round to selling them.

  2. Buying anything with a Squier label to “flip” would be an exercise in failure. Good call on not buying it. My friend has about 5 Squiers that he purchased thinking he would mod and sell, but it’s tough going with guitars that inherently aren’t worth very much.

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