Installing Another DIY Piezo Pickup

After telling my friend how easy it was to install a home made, diy piezo pickup (with an end pin jack) into my garage sale acoustic, he decided he wanted one too.  He had inherited his daughter’s old Fender acoustic starter guitar and figured why not.

So he got the piezo transducer from Radio Shack and an end pin jack from our local guitar shop. I got it done in two evenings.  First evening was spent wiring up the piezo pickup to the end pin jack. Second evening was spent drilling and installing it.

This time I went with two coats of plastidip on the piezo and wires.  It feels stronger to me and dampens the high end a bit, which is my one big criticism with this simple piezo pick up.  Too sensitive to the high end and not enough low end.

Anyway, it went smoothly (although I did solder it twice. Once without the shrink tubing in place and then again with the shrink tubing in place).

The drilling went more easily than any guitar yet. The strap button was held in with a very small screw. Once I took it out, the hole it left was perfect for my 1/2 inch paddle drill bit. This little hole kept the paddle bit centered and made it all very easy.

Separating the strings was quick. My friend has some 10’s on this acoustic, which surprised me a bit, but to each their own.

Then I used a thin instrument cable to pull the end pin jack out of the hole and screwed everything together.  I placed the piezo pick up hanging half off the bridge using double sided tape. Once it was tuned up I plugged it in and viola, it worked!


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