Leather ideas

I have been following Crimson guitar’s workshop diary for a while and am always inspired by what they do, but last week they shared an idea for leather strap button washers instead of felt ones that just makes sense!

Of course they have the proper tools and supplies, but it doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to get some leather and start cutting it up.

I don’t think I’m conveying how cool this idea is to me. It is such a simple thing and doesn’t have a huge impact on tone or playability.  I just like it.

At the same time it reminds me that I want to punch some holes in my one leather guitar strap. I want to try playing my guitars higher up on my body, but I’ve got the strap set as short as it can go and the guitar is still not high enough.  Not having an awl or leather hole punch, I thought I would use a nail. But I couldn’t find one that was big enough, so I used a drill.

The important thing was to space the new holes evenly with the old ones so it wouldn’t be such an obvious hack. The holes were exactly 1 inch apart. So I taped it down to a block of wood, measured and marked out six more holes, and then drilled.

 It worked quite well…If you aren’t too worried about centering the holes…but they are one inch apart.

I really like where my strats (Wolverine and Warmoth project) and Epiphone Crestwood sit with the shorter strap. It could be even shorter, but I will stick with this length for now. I’ll let you know what I think.

However I am curious, how high or low do you like to wear your guitar?


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