Organ anyone?

I’ve posted so many times about my desire to get an Electro Harmonix POG2 that it isn’t even worth linking to any of them. I have wanted one ever since I heard a friend play the guitar through a whatever the previous version of a Roland GR-55 was. He was playing Brown Eyed Girl and it was awesome!

But I also saw how much the synth pedal and pick up cost.  Then I found out about the original POG and then the POG2 which seems even more versatile with 8 presets and a smaller foot print. It is still tops on my wish list.

I even tried to recreate an organ sound through my ol’ Digitech RP200 multi-effects pedal that I use at work.

Then I opened the most recent issue of Premier Guitar (July 2012 with the acoustic guitars on the cover) and the first thing I see is the add for the EarthQuaker Devices Organizer Polyphonic Organ Emulator. I quickly looked it up to find it for $185.  Much less than even a used POG2 and a whole lot less than a Roland synth thingy. Very cool!

But in my shock of something so cool that seems to fit my desire (but that is still outside my budget right now) I thought, “What else is out there for scratching that Organ effect itch?”

So I ask you? Anyone out there use their guitar to get organ sounds? How do you do it?

Do you do what is mentioned on page 38 of the same issue of Premier Guitar? Combine a Chorus or rotary pedal, EQ pedal, and overdrive pedal to get simulate the rotating leslie sound, boost the low frequencies, and provide a little dirt for some genuine organ character?

But you do have to admit, the POG2 is pretty versatile!


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