High Tech Painted Wood

I’ve had my closed back 2×12 speaker cabinet put together for a while now, but I still just had the bare plywood where I turned the former Raven combo amp into a closed back speaker cabinet. I had considered putting on some vinyl or tread or covering it with synthetic leather, but I never got around to it. On a nice sunny day I finally just took the wood panels off and painted them black with a can of spray paint I already had from another project.

Very high tech. No sanding or filling or sealing. Just turning it black so it wouldn’t stand out so much.

I even threw on the old Stage Lead II label from the…ol’ trashed Fender Stage Lead II amp body (if you can imagine) I got at the same time as I got the broken Raven.

You can see the piece of painter’s masking tape I wrote the ohm rating for this speaker cab on.  It has two 16 ohm drivers wired in parallel, so they are set at 8 ohms. If I hook it up in parallel through the other speaker jack to my 1×12 8 ohm speaker cab, then both speaker cabs together are 4 ohms.  I don’t remember all the reasons why, but when I was going through the wiring process for these two speaker cabs I had it figured out once.  That’s why I wrote it down. So I wouldn’t have to remember it!

But the tape isn’t really a long term fix, so I made a stencil that says the same thing, “8 ohm alone; 4 ohm in parallel with other 8 ohm cab.”  All I did was type it out in my word processor, find the right font, get the right size font, print it out, use an exacto knife to cut out the letters, tape the template to the speaker cab, cover everything else up with paper, and paint it.

As you can see, it didn’t come out as crisp and clear as it could’ve, but it is good enough for my needs with this speaker cabinet…A little white spray paint and I don’t have to remember what ohm output to set my amp at!


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