Guitar Maker Book

While browsing through a local used bookstore I came across Make Your Own Electric Guitar by Melvyn Hiscock (2nd edition).  It looks like a really good read, was the right price, and may push me over the hump of making my own guitar from scratch.

I still have the Teisco Spectrum 2 project out there.  My friend’s friend has been steadily working on the CNC designs in his spare time.  We should be jumping into building the body in the next few months.  This project still won’t include making a neck.  I redid the plans to include a standard fender style neck pocket instead of the slightly smaller original neck pocket.

I still have this dream of making a fleet of Spectrum 2 bodies with the CNC designs and adding the straight forward Fender style necks…each with a different wood, finish, tuning, pick up, and bridge configuration.  Wouldn’t that be awesome!


2 thoughts on “Guitar Maker Book

  1. MYOEG is a fantastic resource for any guitarist with an interest in DIY, but an absolute “must” for anyone considering a build. Nice score!

    • Thanks! The more I read it the more excited I get. But I will admit to still feeling a bit scared of making a neck. I am looking forward to taking this in stages. There is no need to rush, just make continual efforts to progress!

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