Finally Cleaned that Squier

While watching tv the other night, I thoroughly cleaned and restrung that squier affinity strat I got for a buddy’s project.  It was gross.  There was so much gunk on the fingerboard I had to get out windex. I then scrubbed it again with lemon oil. Not just spread lemon oil on the fretboard and then wipe off the excess, I actually scrubbed.  Once the lemon oil had soaked in, then I wiped off the excess.  The body also needed a thorough cleaning.  It was pretty gross!

I didn’t take the pickguard off.  It was painted with some sort of black paint with sparkles.  It looks like they painted it with the electronics still on it because the pickups are fused into place and there is no break in the paint on the front of each pick up.  Plus, the fingerboard of the neck was so gross, I was a little afraid to open it up.

And why did the original owner keep white knobs when everything else was made black?  The sparkle black paint job with little nicks of white plastic pick gaurd coming through is actually kind of growing on me, but then I’m distracted by the incredible worn down knobs and wonder how this all came together.  This thing was played!

However, it works and it was cheap and it will make a great little guitar again… once it is all done!


One thought on “Finally Cleaned that Squier

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