Does it live again?

I’ve mentioned numerous times on this blog how cool I think the Rickenbacker 480 looks.  It was made between 1973 and 1984.  It is a six string guitar with a 4002 bass body. They just look awesome, but they aren’t made anymore and I just watch their value go up on eBay.

Until this posting.  Apparently there is hope that a 480 may be possible.  It probably will still be well outside my price range, but feast your eyes on this:

I know this is a twelve string.  And I know they are saying it is a 481 (angled or fanned frets if I remember correctly), but isn’t that awesome!


7 thoughts on “Does it live again?

  1. That is a real beauty. I was lucky enough to have a play on a Rickie 481 in one of London’s guitar shops last year (and yes, they’re angled frets). It was a natural finish and not as pretty as the one in the picture, but it was a stunning piece of kit.

    • That is fantastic! I am jealous. I did play a 480 at a guitar show once. I like the body a lot, but the neck was not very comfortable. I’ve heard the early 73/74 480’s have thinner necks, but I also didn’t get to spend a lot of time with it. They are pretty!

  2. I’m considering the purchase of a 480 that is sitting at a local pawnshop. I have a couple of concerns with it, but will probably pull the trigger

    • That is awesome and I am very jealous…depending on price. I did play one once and did not like the neck as much as my Epiphone Crestwood, so I didn’t get due to price. I kind of regret that now.
      I do like the body style. I am curious what your concerns are and where such a guitar is just sitting in a local pawn shop. 😉
      If you have a chance, send me an email if you don’t want to comment here. Gtr1ab at gmail dot com. I’d love to hear more about it!

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