Pink “Montana” Bass Makeover!

It’s makeover time!

That’s right!  My buddy with the pink unlicensed “Hanna Montana” bass has decided to move beyond the funny looks and into something else.  He’s already removed the “Hanna Montana” decal, but the first step will be simply swapping out the pick guard from white to black.  We’ll keep the white pick up covers a la Paul Simonon of the Clash.

Then we’ll reshape the headstock from the pointy Johnson headstock to something more old school low profile Fender-esque (think Sting).

Then we’ll either add a black racing stripe or paint the entire body olympic white (again, a la Paul Simonon). And we’ll probably pain the face of the headstock black too (again, think Paul Simonon).

It should be a fun project! And I’m already done with the pick gaurd!

Personally, I’m hoping for the black racing stripes on the pink body, but it isn’t my call.  Obviously I’ll keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Pink “Montana” Bass Makeover!

    • Excellent suggestions. I will certainly pass them on to the owner!
      And very nice headstock. Where on earth did I ever get the idea?!?
      Thanks again for all your advice, reading, and comments. And your blog is still great even if you are back to your busy life. It is still good to read your stuff on Fifth fret and here! Thanks!

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