To Drill pt 2

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of one of my local guitar shops, I was able to use a reamer for a much safer way to expand the hole in my Ibanez AW100 acoustic guitar. Stan was nice enough to let me come in during my lunch break to use his work bench and tools.

The reamer is tapered, so once I had the initial hole to the 1/2 inch mark, I then used a drill bit to make the entire hole a uniform half inch diameter. I then used a guitar cable through the hole to pull the end pin jack through. It worked well. Then I used a small Alan wrench to keep the end pin jack from spinning while I tightened the nut with a slim wrench.

The install went fine.  When I got home I used some double sided tape to attach the piezo pick up under the bridge.  After I try it, I may move it around to get a different sound from the piezo pick up.  Once I find the best sound, I’ll hot glue it in there.

Put a strap on it and everything seems to work great!


2 thoughts on “To Drill pt 2

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  2. I have the exact same guitar and pickup.. Looks like you drilled the 1/2″ hole b4 you drilled the reduced hole.. If you didn’t, just flip the end cap over, it is designed to cover the hex nut. But, if the hex nut isn’t the one on the reduced sixed thread, then you didn’t actually install it correctly. The hole should be the size of the smaller end, and you have to clamp the endpin to vise grips to install it from the inside. Then, the little nut and washer tighten against the outside of the guitar, and the end cap goes on the opposite of yours to cover the nut. It screws on, so what I did , was put rubber around it so my vise grips didn’t mark up the metal. It mounts flush against the wood like in my avatar photo. I also found that if you mount it under the bridge, right in front of it, there is a small piece of wood just big enough to mount it. I found another user online that had a dreadnought body style guitar, and he claimed in the factory recommended positions, they were only recommended for standard smaller body styles, and sounded distorted with the smaller strings… For a dread, he recommended my position, which sounds fabulous. I do need to give some gain on the bass, and reduce the highs, but the sound is phenomenal for a $14.50 amazon piezo pickup.


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