New acoustic stomp box

I had so much fun the other day with my newly electrified acoustic guitar and homemade acoustic stomp box, but I have admit that the stomp box was too small for my foot.  And the double sided tape worked great for the piezo pickup, but not for the speaker. So after a few trips to local thrift stores I found a low profile jewelry box that was almost four inches longer than my foot.
I tore everything out of it, drilled a hole to fit the jack (Again, had to do some carving to get the fit right), and used double sided tape to attach another piezo pickup from a radio shack buzzer.

The thing I really liked about this jewelry box was the big rubber feet. But I didn’t like the carved top of the jewelry box, so I flipped it upside down and moved the rubber feet to the old “top.”

It fits very well under my foot when I play and I can leave the heel of my foot on it and tap with no problem (couldn’t do this on the smaller one).  It actually sounds pretty good! I also found an old Behringer EQ pedal that has made it much easier to boost the lower frequencies for more bassy thump and less trebly tap.  It isn’t a must, but it helps. It’s like a cheap little easy button.

I also like this jewelry box because the wood is pretty thick. I can attach my original acoustic stomp box speaker with screws and not worry about the screws coming through.  That may be tomorrow’s project.  Or next week.


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