To Drill Or Not To Drill

…That is the question.  I’ve finished all the modifications (for now) I want to do to my kids’ Olympia by Tacoma OP-2 parlor guitar.  It was a great test subject for DIY piezo pick up installed with a jack on the side and a strap button on the neck heel.  Everything seems to be working just fine and I am ready to do the same things to my Ibanez AW-100 acoustic, but I’m nervous.

The piezo pick up is all ready to go and is attached to an end pin jack, but I’m nervous about drilling into the back of my guitar to install the end pin jack.

I read a lot of forums and this article from Stew Mac about the dangers of drilling and how you can mess things up that require a lot more work.

But also know this guitar is not very valuable and at the end of the day I just have to do it. I got out my 1/2 inch spade (paddle) drill bit just to see just how it would work and got more nervous.  There was nothing I could do to keep it centered if I started to drill. The hole for the end pin is big enough that the center spike of the spade bit would float around until the outer sections of the paddle would dig in. Based solely on the drilling I’ve been doing on the jewelry boxes I’ve converted into acoustic stomp boxes, I know I will not hold it steady. So I didn’t drill.  This is the only 1/2 inch drill bit I have.

I may go to my local guitar store to see if they’ll let me use their reamer, but that won’t be happening today.  So stay tuned for my acoustic guitar end pin jack install.


3 thoughts on “To Drill Or Not To Drill

  1. The reamer is definitely the way to go and many, many mistakes have taught me that it is always worth waiting until you’ve got the right tool.

    • I am really glad I waited. Someday I will have to get a reamer, but my local guitar shop makes it easy to delay getting the right tool for a little while longer!

      Thanks again for the comments!

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