Strap Button Install

I installed a strap button on the treble side of the heel of my acoustic guitar’s neck.  I based this on a bunch of reading (here’s my favorite article on placement, and another here, here, and here) and looking at a bunch of guitars that had strap buttons on the neck heel.  I quickly realized I don’t like the strap button on the heel cap and I didn’t want the button to interfere with my playing on the upper frets of the guitar. So I put it in the middle.

I placed a piece of tape and marked the spot I thought it should go. I used a piece of tape folded in thirds to hold the button in place and then played something on the upper frets. It seemed ok, so I drilled a hole that was just smaller and shallower than the screw for the strap button.  Then I ran the screw against a bar of soap and screwed it in with a screw driver so I could feel when I needed to stop.  It went right in.

I put a strap on, put it on, and played. It works great!


4 thoughts on “Strap Button Install

    • Thanks! I always worry that I’m doing something wrong or at least not reversible. Most everything is reversible, just not something I can easily reverse!

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