Acoustic Stompbox Redo

For those of you who have looked this up in the past, I tried building an acoustic stompbox out of things I had lying around the house.  It worked out pretty good using plywood, screws, rubber bands, and an old speaker, but it wasn’t very loud through my amplifier. I really had to turn it up and my little acoustic amp makes a lot of noise.

As you have also hopefully read, I recently took the cheap Olympia OP-2 by Tacoma parlor acoustic guitar and turned it into an electric/acoustic guitar using a piezo transducer from radio shack. For $2.19, I figured I could add a piezo transducer to my acoustic stomp box and hopefully it would be a bit louder and wouldn’t require so much buzzy amplification.

I also purchased a cutco knife case for a buck or two at a local thirft store.  The top is too thin for the screws I used on the plywood acoustic stompbox, so I used double sided tape.  I first tested the box with the old speaker to see if it would still work…and it did!

Then I added the piezo transducer and it worked even better!  But two is better than one, so I wired them both up, installed the jack (which took a little drilling and carving since the sides were thicker than the top and bottom of the box), and now have two “pickups” in the acoustic stompbox.

My only complaint is that the box is just a little too small for my foot, so it is a bit awkward to get a good stomp by merely angling my foot up.  If I lift my foot up completely off and then “stomp” down, it sounds great!


5 thoughts on “Acoustic Stompbox Redo

    • Thanks! It just seemed easier than actually making a box…which is actually pretty lazy if you think about it. But that takes effort too, so I try to avoid it.

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  2. Heay I thought I’d share something that might help you. I have built a number of these and one version was similar to yours. Drill two 1/4″ holes evenly spaced in the end of the box facing you. Then find a piece of wood that is the same height as your box that is long enough to rest your heel on (3″ or 4″ should be fine). Get two 1/4″ bolts that are long enough to go through the box and through the piece of wood. Drill the hole in the foot rest 5/16″. Put the bolts through the piece of wood (foot rest), then put a rubber grommet over the bolt that is about the same size then through the holes you drilled in the box. Tighten with lock nuts. Only tighten the bolts down until the box and foot rest touch the grommets.
    The rubber grommets and the holes being bigger the foot rest will help keeping the box from rocking back and forth! Took me a while to figure that out!
    Instead of rubber grommets you can also put springs between the two.
    Happy stopming!

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