Acoustic-Electric Fun

My daughter and I spent most of the evening making up two songs.  The first one started as some sort of nursery rhyme song about a turtle. I couldn’t figure out the tune on the guitar, so we just came up with a new tune using the same words.

Then she made up a rocking song about a little bunny parade.  We got through two verses and two chorus, had an epic ending, and ended the song together.  It was awesome! My daughter then looked at me and said, “I better right that down before I forget!  It was so good!.”  She ran off, got paper and pencil and then wrote down everything from memory (she writes phonetically, so spelling isn’t always great).

We then performed that song about 20 times for her little brother to dance.

The whole time I kept my foot stomping on my homemade acoustic stomp box. I think I actually kept pretty good time. But the best part was each time my daughter would count us in with a 1-2-3-4 right on tempo. I’d bust out the opening E chord on my newly modified electric/acoustic guitar and she’d start singing. I had fun, she had fun, and my son was exhausted at bedtime from all the dancing!

I also used my new leather guitar picks.  It was floppier than I am used to (I use “heavy” 1.0 mm plastic picks usually), but it actually made the cheap parlor guitar sound better. Warmer even.


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