Leather Guitar Picks

Anyone familiar with leather guitar picks?  I’ve read about them, but had never tried them. My brother saw some and thought of me, randomly sending a set of five Corter natural leather guitar picks!

I’ve only had the chance to play with them a few times since they arrived, but I like them.  They really do have a warmer sound than plastic picks.  They initially feel a bit odd to grip compared to the plastic ones I normally use, but they were actually very easy to use.  I could easily play single string stuff and strum full chords. I could play alternating bass lines with chord strums. And…that’s about all my skill level allows me at this point. These even have me interested in Corter’s shell cordovan leather picks.

I did play the Police’s “Message in a Bottle” with no problems.  This is my test song for picks and these passed with flying colors. So the width of the leather picks did not cause any problems.

I need to play with them some more, but I’m really enjoying them. Big thanks to my brother!


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