Good Guitar

After helping my daughter with her piano lessons (and not adding much value…she has already learned so much!), I went upstairs and pulled out my little Olympia by Tacoma acoustic parlor guitar.

It took a while to tune it (remember this is the kids’ guitar and they like their alternate tunings…or at least playing with the tuning machines), but it worked. Not perfectly in tune, but playable. I strummed it. I tried to finger pick. I played.

I haven’t been cutting my finger nails recently to see if I like playing with my finger nails instead of the pads of me finger tips.  I don’t play enough to really build up callouses on my finger tips, so they really take a beating when I play without a pick. I don’t know if I can handle long nails. I’ve kept them short for my entire life.  I’ll keep you posted.

Anyway, I played this little acoustic guitar that didn’t stay in tune very well and I tried to relax and enjoy myself.  After a while I joined my family, we had a pleasant evening and the kids went to bed. While sitting on the couch, I pulled down my Wolverine guitar and started strumming. Then I went through the same stuff I had done on the little parlor acoustic just a few hours earlier.  Only it was much better.

The neck of my Wolverine guitar just felt so much better.  And it was in tune from the very moment I picked it up (thank you Wilkinson tremolo bridge and Sperzel locking tuners!).  This is the guitar that I have rebuilt. I reshaped the neck. I installed the new bridge, rolling nut, and locking tuners.  It is my guitar.  It has those wonderful imitation strat curves that fit so well when I play.

It is so nice to have a good guitar that I love to play.


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