Bass Effects Pedalboard

When I first started playing an instrument, I started on the bass.  I am not a very good bass player, but it got me started. I would play the root note in some fun punk songs while my real musician friends would play the rest. It was a blast.

I still have my cheap bass and I still use it from time to time.  Most recently I’ve been thinking about what kinds of effects I would use when I play bass. I’ve got a Russian Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi that has a great low end and really gives my bass some fuzz. I had a next door neighbor kid who was really good at bass who swore by his Bass Chorus pedal. And a tuner is always a good idea for any instrument.

So what else should I have on a basic bass effects pedal board?  Do I need compression?  What about reverb? Anything else?


6 thoughts on “Bass Effects Pedalboard

  1. For me, nothing more than bass -> tuner -> compressor -> chorus. I know some people like a graphic eq in there but I never felt the need. Out of all of the pedals, the one I wouldn’t do without would be the compressor.

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    • Interesting. This is where my effects pedal knowledge, or rather my lack of effects pedal knowledge, comes out. I logically know what both of those things are, but I haven’t used either. I’ll have to visit my local guitar shop and try some out! Thanks for the suggestions!

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