Under the Weather

I’ve spent the past few days completely under the weather.  Not horribly sick, just miserably out of it.  It got to the point where I didn’t want to play the guitar because my hands and joints hurt.

But that has given me some time to catch up on the dvr.  Has anyone seen Queen Rock Montreal?  It was originally released as Queen Will Rock You, but was rereleased in 2007 (and apparently remastered).  I must say, it did rock!

This probably isn’t the best example from the concert, but Brian May had some ripping tone and I finally understood why so many people love his tone. What I really enjoyed was being able to watch him play with his volume (and onboard switches like pick up phase, pick up selection, etc, but mostly his volume) to control his tone.  He could clean it up.  He could bash out power chords.  He could make solo’s sing.  All through his volume knob.

The other thing that was refreshing was the cinematography. I also watched a bunch of performances from MTV award shows and the Cure performing 4:13 Dream in its entirety live.

The camera never stayed on one shot for longer than 4 seconds for all the MTV live concert footage (I counted).  I could never get any sense of the band playing or of individual musicians, just motion shots of the audience or switching between band members.  The 1981 Queen show was shot completely different.  It stayed on a shot for much longer than 4 seconds.  It had wide shots of the stage and shots that focused on individual members of the band.  It was fantastic!

Plus the Queen show was just them as a four piece. They were so tight as a group.  Everyone was on key and everyone’s timing was in sync.  I think what I liked the most was how natural the songs sounded.  They have some very layered songs and I’m sure were did a lot of complex stuff in the studio, but this performance seemed very natural, yet polished.  It truly came across as four guys: three instruments and a voice.  It was great to see!


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