Tempting Pedal

Back in January when I was in the throes of my “tone quest” I tried a BBE Green Screamer pedal (thanks to my friendly local guitar shop).  It is a really good TS808 clone.  I liked it.  I liked it a lot, but couldn’t justify the price.

While wasting time on craigslist I saw a used one for a very reasonable price…and I am very tempted to get it. But I’m not going to.  Since my tone quest, I have only played through my pedalboard a handful of times.

I’ve written about this many times, but I’m curious how you make gear purchase decisions. Is it just a question of what you want more?  A method to prioritize what you want?  I’m curious.  Does it change over time?


2 thoughts on “Tempting Pedal

  1. I generally start with the type of pedal (right now I’m back in the market for a wah), then I start the comparison process, and start looking. However, I can be tempted by an appealing target of opportunity if something comes up. The biggest thing for me is being able to separate want from need and to defer purchase until I can afford whatever it is. I’ve also had to control my tendency to go for what I can get cheap, rather than holding out for what I really want.

    • Very good advice. I completely agree with figuring out what type of pedal I want and then beginning the process of comparison shopping. I do this all the time! The thing I struggle with is the appealing opportunity that sometimes comes up.
      For example, I was looking for a good overdrive pedal and after doing a good amount of comparison shopping I decided not to get anything since (for the price) I could not beat out the Boss SD-2 I already owned. So I tried to move on and be happy with my decision.
      Then the “appealing opportunity” comes up with a low priced BBE Green Screamer on Craigslist. This is a pedal I decided not to get at retail price. This is an effect I decided to pass on until later. So the quandary arises: Is this the right price for the “later” to be the “now”?
      Once again, I decided to pass. In part because I am holding out for something I really want instead of something I can get cheap.
      Thanks again for the advice and thanks for reading!

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