Intriguing Guitar Design

Anybody familiar with these Sinuous Guitars?  They look very interesting!

And speaking of guitars that are interesting, yesterday my family and I stopped at one of my local guitar shops where I got to play a Vox Series 77.

Part of me really liked the pointy horns (like an SG), but part of me didn’t. I really like the feel of the neck and the tuners are smooth.  The curved body felt really comfortable, especially for a semi-hollowbody.  I even plugged it into a Mesa Boogie Mark V and it sounded great! And the pick up configurations were reminiscent of my P-Rails on my Warmoth project gutiar, but different.

But for $1400 I need to be really convinced that this is the guitar for me. I’d like to try the Series 99 and the Virage II just to see how it compares to the Parker Fly. And while I’m at it, I might as well see if I can someday try one of those Sinuous guitars.  Everything is in about the $1500 to $2000 price range anyway. Different guitars, yet there are a lot of similarities.

Of course, I’m not even buying pedals right now…so I’ll just keep dreaming!


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