POG2 Pause

While away from my little realm of the Great Northwest I was able to stop by a local guitar shop with a POG2.
I finally got the chance to really play with it. I explored sounds and settings. I tweaked presets. I made loud and soft organ noises. I really tried to run it through its paces.
And I loved it.
However, once again I did not get it. I would love to add one to my pedalboard, but it will take me a lot of time to learn how to play through it.
I still haven’t spent the necessary time to learn to play the equipment I have let alone the guitar itself.
So I didn’t purchase. I did renew my commitment to learn to play the guitar and be ready to add the POG2 effect someday.
Now I am curious. What level of G.A.S. have you stayed away from? What piece of gear have you refrained from buying? When have you maintained perspective and been responsible? What brought that on? It seems like that same self-discipline that would be very helpful for getting better as a player.


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