I know a guy

Do you know a guy?  Do you have a web of contacts?  People you can go to for favors, knowledge, help, etc?  I have mentioned different friends in past blog entries, but I have never considered myself to be one of those people who “knows a guy.”

However lately I have “known a guy” when someone needs help when they are looking for work or have a legal question. The “guy” I know in most of those cases hasn’t been able to help, but they usually know a guy too…so the chain goes on. The web expands.

Then I became “the guy.”  A friend of a friend needed some help and my friend said, “I know a guy…” referring to me.

They wanted me to fix a banjo. Wow. I’ve never played a banjo. And then I saw what they needed fixed on it. I was not their guy.

But, I know a guy…


2 thoughts on “I know a guy

  1. Fascinating! I never thought about it in those terms but what you’re describing is pure unadulterated networking. I’m not one of those “power networkers” but I regard this as the glue that holds life together. This morning I’ve got a friend coming round to help me trace a fault with the electrics in my kitchen. Afterwards I’m giving him a lesson in using Reaper for home recording, then we’re going to jam for a couple of hours. That sounds like a win/win situation to me. 🙂

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