When I think of a treadmill, I think boring. I hate running to begin with, but then take away the ability to actually go somewhere and it just sounds like torture. At least an elliptical makes you move your arms too.

And yet I have used one on a regular basis in the past. They are an easy way to warm up or get a consistent workout without being subject to the elements (who likes running in the sleet and snow?).  And I’ve read about people who set up a treadmill under their desk so they can walk while they work on the computer.  (Read Reamde by Neal Stephenson for a great example of this going too far).

Which makes me wonder, what is your guitar treadmill?  What is the thing you practice or do without thinking?  What is the utilitarian foundation to your struggle to, well, perhaps not get better, but to maintain what you’ve already got in guitar playing health? How far can I take this analogy?  How far can you?  What are the treadmills in your life?