Reading Music Report

As is my usual MO, I have not been practicing the guitar in my Hal Leonard beginner book as diligently as I should to learn to read music.  However, I am still working through it and making progress. I can’t read music and play on the fly, but I’m getting better and better at knowing what notes are on the treble staff (the bass clef still requires quite a bit of counting and muttering). I’ve been focusing on the notes in the first four frets, but I know these concepts will apply to the notes anywhere on the fretboard (one section of the fretboard at a time).

The biggest help has not actually been the time I’ve spent in the book figuring out how to play the little lessons and tunes.  The biggest help to me has been helping my daughter with her piano lessons.  I’ve got her beat on rote memorization (I didn’t get three college degrees for nothing!), but her ability to grasp concepts and move forward in her learning is amazing!  Where I would review a concept multiple times and spend hours trying to see how that concepts interacts with the concepts I’ve already learned and will be learning, she just accepts what she gets and moves forward.  She still has moments of total comprehension (that “a-ha” moment), but she accepts what she has learned and it builds up so quickly that I am still amazed.  I may have more learning “skills,” but she has more learning “capability.”

I’ll continue to work with her and look forward to when she leaves me in the dust.


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