Years ago I played a Japanese made Fender VI guitar and loved it.  It didn’t last long at my local guitar shop…but someone else had the pleasure of getting it.

My local guitar shop did have a Schecter Hellcat VI for longer than it should’ve. I think it was a 2005 model because it had a vintage style tremolo, but I never could justify the purchase. And eventually someone else got it too.

Then another local guitar shop got a couple of Danelectro baritone 67 Hornets. They were cheaper price-wise and fun to play, but those went faster than I thought too. I just couldn’t get into them.  They aren’t bad and I would like to try one again to see if I like it better than I remember.

One of the reasons I never got really tempted to actually purchase any of these was because I have always known Warmoth sells a baritone conversion neck.  And Premier Guitar just posted an article all about the conversion process.

Necks start at $180 which is still less than any of these guitars.  I’ve got everything else from a project guitar.  Anyone else tried this?  Does it work well for a strat?  I know I could start checking the forums to see what people have said, but I thought it would be easier to ask. Anyone?


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