Packing Heat

Knowing I had at least an hour or two to kill after a church function last night, I decided to take my Arbor licensed Steinberger headless guitar with me. It wasn’t the church I attend and I would only know a few people there, so why not sit around and play. The small body is a little awkward unless you have a strap, but it plays well and stays in tune very well with the zero fret and Steinberger tuning bridge.  I have a nice carrying case for it, which makes it even easier to pick up and go.  My Snark clip on tuner just barely fits on the end of the neck so I can even tune it up with ease.

As I walked into the gym at church some guy starts yelling at me that firearms are not allowed in the building. It may not have been the most Christ-like way to respond, but I just kept walking and said, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Ok, so I was a  bit rude. Then one of my friends came over and started talking very loudly about how cool my mini-guitar is and what a great idea to bring it, etc.The gun guy left us alone.

Now I’ve heard the jokes of what’s really in my guitar case when I take a guitar into work.  And I’ve seen the movies when the gangster has the machine gun in the violin case(missle launcher anyone?). But this was the first time I’ve seriously been accused of my guitar case having a gun in it. Not even the TSA has done that when I’ve flown with this guitar. I hope this isn’t a new trend.



4 thoughts on “Packing Heat

  1. I like your new layout.

    And I couldn’t believe that guy thought you were packing heat. I kind of want to smack him. Next time I’m in your area, I’ll give him a talking to . . .

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