New Quest

I think I’ve mentioned it in the past, but I have begun a new quest. Not a tone quest, but an enclosure quest. I have started looking for cheap alternatives to standard guitar effects pedal enclosures. For example, I put a tap tempo switch in a VHF/FM Signal Amplifier.

Last night I found a Model #390 Motor Box for use with type A/B&C barbecue unit from Blaser Prod. Corp. – St. Louis, MO.  It is an old metal box (kind of in the same shape as a Vox V810 Valve-Tone pedal actually) with a motor in it to turn a rotisserie on a barbecue.

I’m still looking for a small metal enclosure for the external footswitch for my Boss SD-2. I’m sure I’ll find more enclosures and come up with more projects in the future.  Of course I’m just looking for things to finish my existing projects before I get into new projects…of course.


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