When I play the guitar I relax. When I play during lunch in my office I am often calmer and ready to take a nap. It’s as if all the stress of work that morning has disappeared.  I am ready to move on from it.  Sometimes I feel rejuvenated, but usually just sleepy.

When I go fencing I almost always feel rejuvenated. I feel energized and alive. Even when I am just teaching and not actively fencing I still feel more energized than when I practice the guitar.

I like practicing the guitar. It is not a burden or something I dread.  I do it because I truly love it and want to get better.  However, I do not have the same feelings from the guitar as I do from fencing.

But perhaps that is just because I haven’t really been playing music. I’ve been learning to play the guitar. I have learned parts of songs, but I have very rarely performed.  I have not played in a band. I have not created, written, whatever a song.  In comparison, I have truly fenced. I have participated and held my own as a competitor and instructor. I think I have done the fencing equivalent of “making music.”

So I’m curious. For all of you out there who make music with the guitar, how does it make you feel?  Do you feel rejuvenated?  Do you feel energized and alive?  Do you feel that it was a burden or a chore?  Do you feel relaxed? Sleepy?

How do you feel after you play the guitar (or whatever activity you love)?