Power Outage

After 117 hours with no power, we finally got electricity back.  Some people in the Greater Northwest got theirs back sooner, others are still out, while still others never lost it.  Some lost it again with yesterday’s wind storms. Ah, weather.

So here’s my question:

Should I worry about my guitars going through such extreme climate changes?  Heated home to no heat to heated home? They seem ok, but should I be worried?  Is five days nothing? Am I just being silly?  Is there anything I could do now to fix any impacts? Should I do something the next time there is a power outage?  Anyone out there in the interwebs know?


2 thoughts on “Power Outage

  1. I think what really damages guitars are the fast changes of temperature. The wood and the finish all expand and contract at different rates and can cause cracking/crazing. As long as they cooled down and warmed up slowly it should be fine. Best thing for them is to put them in their cases while the temp changes and that slows things down. The most damaging are those times when you put your guitar in the trunk of your car for a few hours, take it into a sweaty club and then open the case straight away, you can almost hear the finish cracking.

    • This is the first explanation that really makes sense to me. The finish on my Wolverine guitar has some pretty significant cracks. I figured it was just because I did such a poor job on the original finish (it was refinished as best as possible by a friend). It is probably still my fault, but now I understand why it is my fault. The comic books are decoupaged on using regular water based glue. The body was not sealed. And then two different types of clear coat were put on top of that. So there are lots of layers of various densities and moisture content that would expand and contract and very different rates. Thanks for the comment!

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