Attached to my Pedal Board

How do you attach your pedals to your pedal board?

Lot’s of people put adhesive backed velcro on the back of their pedals. It works really well when your pedal board is covered with the opposite side of the velcro or some other material that works with velcro.

But I don’t like putting sticky stuff on my pedals.  I don’t like the sticky residue it leaves if I ever want to take the sticky velcro off.  So how do you attach velcro to your pedal without getting the sticky stuff on your pedal?

I use a small block of wood. I attach the plywood to the pedal using zip ties…

and then put the sticky velcro onto the wood.

It works pretty well, but keeps the flexibility of moving my pedals around on my pedalboard that makes velcro so popular.  In the pictures above I am finally attaching my Boss DD-7 to the pedal board using a 3/8 inch piece of plywood, a zip tie, and the self-adhesive velcro.  You can see I’ve done the same thing to my Electro Harmonix Holy Grail reverb pedal right below it.

For the pedals on the second row of my pedal board I used 1/4 inch ply wood to get a bit more height.  It doesn’t add that much weight and it negates the need for a second layer or shelf for the second row of effects.


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