Power Friends

Going on 96 hours with no power and no running water has taken a toll on our camping supplies and clean clothes. But we have a heat source and more importantly we have friends with power and hot water.
So thanks to friends’ generosity we are clean, well fed, and have charged phones. Thank you to all those people who have been generous and kind. We haven’t been able to accept all the invitations. But we thank you all.
Anyway, there is some guitar stuff even in the midst of all this fun. We had dinner last night with my daughter’s piano teacher’s family. We started talking about my guitar playing and that I can’t read music, but have been learning with my daughter. Her piano teacher then told us about the old guitar she got at a garage sale for five dollars and how she wants to learn to play.
Turns out it is an old made in the USA Stella small bodied parlor acoustic guitar with a floating bridge and metal tail piece. I’ll get a picture of it someday.
I tuned it and played a few things. Then we started talking about swapping me teaching guitar lessons for her piano lessons to my daughter.
I don’t know if our schedules will line up in the near future, but it is fun how we may never have had either of these conversations without the power outage and their generosity.
It is a great reminder that we, as human beings, need to take care of each other.


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