Snow Guitar

You may have heard about the snow storm that hit the Great Northwest states. It was pretty intense, but a mediocre storm compared with other parts of the world. However this part of the world rarely gets this kind of weather. There are over 270,000 homes without power. Schools have been cancelled. Work places have been closed. Trees are down everywhere under the weight of the ice and snow.
So I am at home with my family safely in front of the fireplace. I’ve had some chances to play the guitar but most of my time has been spent entertaining and interacting with the kids. I am surprised at how dependent we have become on technology to keep the kids out of the way when we want to do something on our own.
This isn’t really about the guitar other than the fact that this power outage (over 24 hours now) has been a great reminder of what I may be giving up to play the guitar.
It is ok to play the guitar, but it better be a cognizant decision with all factors accounted for. Anyway, I must conserve battery power. Take care. And next time you go to grab your guitar, just be aware of what you are not picking up.


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