Great Tone examples

On the way home from fencing this weekend two things happened.

First, I stopped at a Guitar Center with my daughter.  They had a used Gibson 61 reissue SG for a decent price (and wanted to move it). Too bad I’m not in the market. But I did ask to play it so I could help myself decide how much I want the 61 reissue or a Parker Fly.

I plugged the SG into an Orange Tiny Terror with 1×12 cabinet.  First I had to tune the guitar, but then I was able to start messing with the amp settings to get the tone I wanted for testing the guitar.  I was very pleased with myself at how quickly I was able to dial it in. I literally had to change all the settings, and then was able to dial in what I wanted to hear.  I found the tone I wanted very quickly. It is a nice little amp.

After playing the guitar for a little while my daughter asks me why I always play the same song on every guitar I play.



I just like to hear each guitar play the same thing so I can hear the differences and better compare the guitar I’m playing to all the guitars I’ve played… Ya, that’s the ticket.

Ya, so anyway, thanks to the brutal honesty of a child for pointing out I need to learn a few more guitar licks.

The second tone thing this weekend was hearing Dear Mr. Fantastic by Traffic on my way home from the guitar shop.  I’m not familiar with the song at all. I really liked the tone of the lead guitarist.  I will have to listen to it again to see why, but just thought I’d share.


3 thoughts on “Great Tone examples

  1. The 61 Reissue or a Parker Fly? Both magnificent guitars but they seem an odd selection, with being so radically different. How did it come down to these two? FWIW it’d be the Parker Fly for me. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours with one last year and it was as close to perfection as I have ever come across.

    Oh and I’d heartily agree about the Orange Tiny Terror. A great amp and a future classic IMO.

  2. I had one of the old USA made night flys for a few years and loved it. It went away during some lean financial times a few years ago and I wish I had it back. I do agree that those seem to be quite different choices, both good, but very different. I’d check out the version of Dear Mr. Fantasy on the live CD by Clapton and Winwood from a year or so ago. Good stuff.

  3. The 61 Reissue and the Parker Fly…well, I started to write a response and it has turned into my next post. But it comes down to wanting the 61 SG reissue because of the feel, but never liking the way the upper horn dug into my chest. Then I played a Parker Fly and the neck and fret board felt similar to me, but the upper horn was much better and the light weight and curves of the Parker Fly were a lot better.
    I still want the SG because they are so different, but if I’m going to spend that much money on a guitar, I’m going to have to go with the Parker Fly. It seems to be the best overall guitar. Perhaps someday I’ll have both, but for now I’ll just lust after both…with the Fly slightly in the lead to the SG.

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