Capo Upgrade

I have had a capo for a very long time. I think I inherited it from my Dad’s guitar stuff that he got in the mid-80’s. It is one of those little Dunlop ones that are pretty cheap but do the job they are supposed to do.

I still have it and use it mostly for setting up guitars (put it at the first fret for just about everything).  But now I have a Kyser 6-string quick change guitar capo in anodized blue metal. Or maybe it is ceramic paint. Anyway, I like it a lot. It is so solid and easy to use. I don’t know why I waited so long to add this to my gear collection. It is much easier to move around compared to the Dunlop capo.  And it seems very secure.

However I was surprised to see the instructions that came with the capo recommend against clamping it on the headstock of your guitar for long periods of time. It says the foam rubber stuff will not go back to it’s normal shape.  So I’m curious if anyone out there has had their capo stored on the headstock when not in use and has had the foam rubber stuff not go back to it’s normal shape?

I’m sure there are lots of great capos out there, but just this change was great!  It has inspired me to play some open chord songs in different keys just by moving the capo around.  I recommend taking advantage of how easy it is to use these things!


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