Drive Quest pt 7

I thought I was done for the time being with this series of posts, but I’m not.

I went back to my local guitar shop that originally loaned me the Vox Valve-tone V810.  I thanked the owner again for loaning me the Vox and how it helped me realize I am more of an overdrive/tube screamer guy than I thought.  I then laughed about how I don’t really know that much about Tube Screamers.

That’s when he suggested I take the BBE Green Screamer home to try out.  So I did.

This time I didn’t spend as much time with it as I did the Vox. I liked it a lot.  It was quieter than the Vox in terms of background noise, but still made sounds…which I’m discovering is the case with just about all overdrives, fuzzes, and distortions.  It sounded pretty good and I tested it against my Boss SD-2 Dual Super Overdrive and Marshall Guv-Nor Plus GV-2 (left out the Big Muffs).  As you can see, I also used the foot switch I made as a tap tempo for my Boss DD-7 Digital Delay pedal to allow the remote switching between the Lead and Crunch channels on the Boss SD-2.

The interesting thing through this process was not that I fell in love with the Green Screamer. I liked it a lot!  But that in going back and forth between the Boss and the BBE, I was able to better dial in the Boss SD-2 for a sound I really like.  It made me much more comfortable and confident with the pedal I already own.

I now have the crunch channel on the Boss SD-2 set at about 12 o’clock for volume, 1 to 2 o’clock for tone, and 11 o’clock for drive.  I haven’t dialed in a lead channel, but I will!

I’m sure there are other effects out there that sound great. I’m sure there is a lot to explore.  But I also know that they only enhance good playing when they sound good.  They do not make poor or bad playing sound good.

I returned the BBE Green Screamer, but with a heart felt thanks to my friends at my local guitar shop.  Thanks guys!


2 thoughts on “Drive Quest pt 7

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