EC Project Guitar – Complete

The hardware replacement project for my friend, EC, is complete.  And I did not take any final pictures.  Bummer!

But, the guitar itself sounds good and plays well…more importantly, EC is happy with it.  He likes the look.  He likes how it plays.  He will report to me in two or three days when he’s had a chance to plug it in and really explore it.

The great thing about this project has been putting new life back into a guitar that had a lot of sentimental value.  This was his very first guitar. His Dad purchased it for him.  He had played it for years and in many locations. It has the dings and scratches of many a bar fight/gig.

He knows the contours of the body. He knows the contours of the neck.  He knows the fretboard.  He knows this guitar, but now it has new guts. It looks even cooler than when he first got it.  I hope he enjoys it for many years to come!

And since he is a friend, I will have more pictures soon.  Maybe even a soundbite or two?!?


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