Drive Quest pt 1

While at my local guitar shop the other day, I saw a Vox Valve-Tone V810.

These pedals were discontinued around 2000 and from what I can find online were a pretty good Ibanez TS808 clone. The only problem is I haven’t played an Ibanez “Tube Screamer” TS808, let alone a clone. I believe Santana uses one. And I’ve read about the difference between the TS8 and the TS9 (just take a look at Analogman and you’ll see quite a bit of info).

So, once again, the guys at my local guitar shop told me to take the pedal home to play with it. So I did and the next round of entries are the result of that simple little act.  I may repeat myself and I may not make any sense, but this is one of the things I’ve been doing in my free time over the last few weeks.

A big part of this is really all about how cool this pedal looks. I just plain like the looks.

But there is also a subconscious reality that I am currently not very happy with my current pedal board set up. Right now I have an American Big Muff Pi running into a Marshall Guv’nor plus GV-2. I explored these and which order they should go in here.

But I haven’t been totally satisfied. So I’m looking forward to trying this Vox Valvetone V810.  I hope you enjoy this little trip with me.


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