EC Project Guitar paused

I’m so close, yet so far from being done. Everything is wired up. I just have to do the permanent modifications to the guitar and I’m afraid.  I need to drill out the tuning machine holes to fit the locking tuners and drill new guide holes for the pickgaurd screws.  Then set it up and it is done (assuming nothing is wrong with the wiring or anything else I’ve done).

I have to admit that I just need to do it, but I need to build up the confidence to starts drilling. I’d rather take a few hours measuring and checking and measuring again. Double checking my plan. And then start drilling. I could do all of it in about 20 minutes, but I want to be calm and not feel rushed.

How do anyone out there in the interwebs approach mods?  Is it a slam it out and be done approach or a patient one?


One thought on “EC Project Guitar paused

  1. lets start with the first problem tuning key holes….these holes must be drilled one size up at a time..dont get in a hurry drill slowly keeping the drill angle straight with the factory or present holes….when the proper hole size is ready install the keys….next the strings ….tune the strings… looking down at the guitar check to see if the strings are centered on the pickup magnets….if so on to the pickguard….take a awl or any sharp pointed tool…mark the holes…choose the drill size for the screws making sure not to go too large….next take one of the screws place beside the drill bit use a piece of masking to mark the end of the screw on the bit….stop at masking tape when drilling…….this will eliminate all the guess work… daboogieman jella

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