Shielding EC project

One of the goals of this project is to make this guitar quiet (minimize traditional single coil hum). The hum cannot be eliminated with single coils, but it can be minimized. The gold anodized metal pickgaurd is helpful, but as far as I can tell the gold anodizing (is that a word?) material is an insulator. So I scrapped a bit of it off anodized stuff around a tone pot mount and it is working great… I think. I tested it with my ohm meter and resistance is good.

(I’m not that knowledgeable about electronics so I either made a very funny joke or a very bad joke showing how much of an idiot I am. If someone would leave a comment telling me if I’m right or wrong, that would be great).

The next step was to take some copper tape I got at my local guitar shop for what felt like a very high price and shield the pick up cavity on the body. Here’s the cavity before the copper tape.

This was a bit time consuming, but I think I did a good job.I wasn’t sure if the glue was conductive or if I needed to make sure the front side of the tape was bent back so everything overlapped. I will worn people that this can tear up the skin on your fingers.  The wood/particle board cavity was not smooth and the metal is rough as you press it into all the corners. But it could just be that I have very soft skin since I really just spend the day typing at work and don’t do a lot of hard work that would toughen up my hands.

Anyway, I got all the shielding in. I tested it with my ohm meter and it seems to be one continuous circuit.

I then brought the ground wire from the bridge grounding wire (soldered to the spring claw on the back) and screwed it into the body so it grounded with the copper tape in the body cavity.

I then tested the copper tape in the body cavity with my ohm meter and again, resistance was low.

Captain America isn’t the only one with a shield now…


4 thoughts on “Shielding EC project

  1. nice sheilding job looked well done. now, first all strat bodies are ash or alder not wood particle board. if thats what you are using you’re looking for trouble down the road. as always best of luck….art daboogieman jella

    • Thanks. This was my first shielding project.
      As for the wood, this is a friend’s late 80’s Korean made Squire strat and it is most certainly particle board. 😦
      This is my friend’s first guitar that he bought years ago. He wanted to upgrade it. Originally he was going to refinish the body with this amber/butterscotch wood stain, but when we found it wasn’t solid wood…well, that aspect of the project stopped. Perhaps someday he’ll replace the body with something made of solid wood. He loves the neck, so that will always be there. The hardware will be completely replaced at the end of this project. Wait a few more years and he may get a new body too! But for now, I hope he’ll enjoy the hardware upgrades! It should play and sound better…I hope!
      All that’s left is mounting the pickguard and tuners, then install a new nut and do a complete set up.

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