EC Strat Project continues

I’ve been working on a series of posts (not about this project), but I’m not finished yet. So until I finish that, I give you this:

All the gold parts for EC’s strat project. The Sperzel locking tuners (graduated heights, so no string trees!) haven’t arrived yet. And I still need to get a self-lubricating graphtech TUSQ nut from my local guitar shop to replace the original plastic one. I’m also thinking about lining the body cavity with copper tape to decrease the natural 60 cycle hum single coils suffer from.  But assembly has begun.

Of course I’ve run into my first snag. The Fender gold anodized metal pick guard doesn’t quite fit the bottom of the neck. That pushes everything else out, so it won’t fit in the appropriate parts of the body cavity.  I think I need to grind down the edges a bit so the pick guard will fit around the base of the neck.  I’ll do some online research before grinding or cutting anything, but I’m curious if anyone out there has any ideas, suggestions, or similar experiences.


3 thoughts on “EC Strat Project continues

  1. shielding the pickup caviety with copper foil is one option…..but there are two more go to your local auto parts house and get some copper form a gasket paint inside of pickup area…allow time to dry..this works well…its possible to get rid of 60 cycle hum buy wiring the ground circuit right…go to guitarnuts .com the wiring diagram is there…this ground circuit is used in most good strats today….plus the pickups have far more tone and power using this ground circuit….lastly clapton strats are know for a warm tone…plastic or tusc doesn,t have that tone…plastic is bright and thin sounding…tusc sounds dull like tusc….a bone nut has warmth and tone…ive been playing and building guitars forever it seems ….remember all great guitars have two things in common the right parts and the right setup…hope this helps… daboogieman jella

  2. before i forget grinding the edges of that pickguard …use a good file for the top neck straight edge…and a dremel for the inside neck pocket shape…take your time mistakes are costly….good luck …art daboogieman jella

    • Thanks for all the tips! I’m taking the pickguard modifications very slowly… I don’t have a dremel, but I have some nice files. I’ll use a straight one for the neck straight edge and a round one for the neck pocket shape. It’s going to be slow going with the files, but like you said mistakes are costly.
      I’ll also check out for the wiring diagram.
      Also, thanks for the input on the nut. I’m still torn, but will think more about it.
      As for set up, I’ve got Dan Erlewine’s Guitar Player Repair Guide and have done a few set ups already that I’ve been happy with. This is all for a friend, so we’ll see what he thinks when all is said and done.
      Thanks again!

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