Piano Lessons

Tonight, instead of dinking around with guitar gear or playing the same riff over and over, I sat down with my daughter as she practiced her piano lessons. She’s just begun and is loving it. She gets frustrated from time to time, but always comes back the next day with a smile. She only does two tries at most on her new assignments, but she does that every day. She also focuses on learning one thing at a time.

As I sat helping her, I tried to have her play the correct notes and keep the proper tempo. She is just learning to read music, so the important thing (this week) is playing the right notes. Not playing the appropriate half note, quarter note, etc. She was just happy when she was able to read and play 16 bars of music without making a mistake.  And maybe tomorrow or the day after that, once she knows the notes she is reading, then she’ll focus on the time signatures.

It was a good reminder that adults often try to learn too much at once. We need to learn it bit by bit just like kids do. In fact, we need more time to do the same thing kids can do each day.

But most importantly, I spent time with my daughter. Time that was devoted entirely to her. It was constructive and heartfelt and we both are better because of it. That beats just about anything else I can think of that I can do on my own.


One thought on “Piano Lessons

  1. I know my comment is about a month late, but I really like this post. Hope your daughter is continuing to enjoy her piano lessons.

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