Long Distance Learning

I spent some time on Skype this evening helping my sister learn a few chords and the most efficient ways (that I know) to switch between them. As was mentioned by some comments on a past blog entry, Skype is not the best way to play with other people. The video and sound were both choppy, but we were able to successfully communicate and she feels more confident about what she has been trying to learn on her own. At least I hope she does!

Now she just has to practice…

But that’s the case whether a lesson is long distance or in the comfort of you own home. We all need to practice!

What I seem to struggle the most with is what to practice. I still don’t have a good regimen of things to practice. The past few times when I’ve played the guitar I’ve been remembering songs I tried to learn ages ago. They are coming back, but the process of remembering has been good. I may just take some time to go back through all my notes, tabs, blog entries, etc. to see what songs I’ve already forgotten.

My end goal is to get back into the habit of taking 3 to 5 minutes to warm up my fingers using scales and other finger exercises, taking 7 to 10 minutes to practice a new song (or part of a song), and then 5 to 7 minutes playing an already known song. That gives me 20 minutes of playing time, which is an achievable goal. It just takes a little discipline to sit down and do it.

And 20 minutes is better than nothing. Especially if it is a consistent 20 minutes everyday. I know I’ve asked before, but what is your practice process?


2 thoughts on “Long Distance Learning

  1. i practice no less than 4 to 6 hours everday …but i play pro…everyone has to start somewhere..a quality focused will yield results….when you feel tired put it down and relax….stamina developes over time….goodluck …art daboogieman jella

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I’m certainly no where near 4 to 6 hours a day, but I’m also no where near doing this professionally. However, I do want to get better, so quality and focus it is!

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