First Guitar Build from Scratch?

Does it count as a guitar build if it is only a 4 string?

Here’s another simple method.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I consider myself an assembler of guitar rather than a builder of guitars. This just may be the thing that pushes me from the assembler to the builder.  That along with more money and time. At least my first project like this will be stuff I have laying around (or can get very easily for cheap). Of course, that also requires time, which is in short supply lately.

Either way, I’ll eventually get to do this and will share it on this blog. Thanks for reading!


One thought on “First Guitar Build from Scratch?

  1. i played music with a fellow who played a 3 string contraption .he did a amazing job.he called the thing a mandotar .four strings is not a guitar but it is name it.but if its keys you need i have plenty i have rekeyed more guitars than i can count . contact me if you need any at 8063726926…art daboogieman jella

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