More Acoustic Stomp Box ideas

I’ve been playing around with the acoustic stompbox I made out of stuff I had laying around my garage. I’m still not totally happy with it (need more boom and less tap), but it is fun to use. And it is forcing me keep better tempo as I try different “stomp patterns.” I’ve even noticed that I now want to stomp when I’m playing during my lunch break at work.

If you’re thinking of building one of these (and I recommend it, they are easy peasy), here’s some great help from people on the internet. Thanks people!

That one was a very similar to mine, here’s a quick one with a piezo buzzer.

This next one is a bit more complex (needs a bass pick up or two) and you have to go to the 3:10 minute mark for the actual build description (he talks a lot before that), but it looks pretty straight forward.


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