Teisco Logo – the pictures

Finally took a few minutes to hammer in the reproduction Teisco Del Rey logo my wife bought me.  I used a rubber mallet and covered the logo with a cloth and piece of paper while holding the neck and headstock firmly down on the carpet.

Here is the before:

Here is the after!

And here is the whole guitar!


5 thoughts on “Teisco Logo – the pictures

  1. the more i look at that guitar the more it reminds me of a decca..id bet its the same just marketed to a different vendor…you ,d be amazed who made guitars for sears and wards woolsworths…they all carried a full line of instruments..anyhow great job enjoy art daboogieman jella

    • Thanks! Yes, these Japanese made Teisco’s are really something. I’ve mentioned it before, but I really like the sound of the pick ups on this one. And I have a friend who is helping me build a Spectrum 2 body for a strat neck I have laying around. They really are cheap guitars, but they can have some great character!

  2. That is no Decca. I have 4 Sharkfins from Teisco and 1 from Silvertone. My ET312 is close to MINT in Teisco Metallic red. Have 3 red Teiscos and 1- ET-311 red too EX condition . Love Teisco red !
    That green color is smashing ! Pastel sort of , course not original Teisco color. Love these shaped guitars and if one spent some time they can be great players as well. These have a nasal sound all their own and add reverb really get that 60s sound.
    25 Teiscos have passed through my hands at one time or another and value should increase for the better made models IMHO.
    Well nice job on that badge friend looks swell all done !
    Keep up the good work on all your projects. Have many myself. Time is the issue….

    • They are very unique sounding guitars. I’d love to see some pictures of your mint teisco in metallic red! I tried to get back to the original burst that was under a couple coats of paint, but it was just too difficult. The green is nowhere near original, but it looks stunning.
      Check out my post here to see what it originally looked like when I got it. Man, it was gross!
      With all the Teiscos you’ve had, what is your experience with the Spectrum 2? It’s my favorite Japanese guitar body right now.

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