Guitar Books

I finally got it! I finally got Guitar Player Repair Guide, 3rd Edition by Dan Erlewine (with the DVD) and it is a fantastic resource! I’ve been playing around with guitar set ups and guitar assembly, but this is going to make things even better. I will be better.

Ironically, I also got a 1984 D.I.Y. Guitar Repair book by Pieter J. Fillet for a couple of bucks just the other night. I’m looking forward to comparing this book to the Erlewine book and seeing how they differ and how the compliment each other. Add to that everything that is on the internet and the forums that have so many great people who are willing to share their expertise and I start to wonder why we aren’t all experts at caring for our instruments.

On top of those two, I was also given 500 Guitars, a definitive A-Z guide by Gavin Wilson. The pictures are beautiful and I’m enjoying reading about all the different guitars, but I have to admit I wish there were more pictures.  A fun book overall though!


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